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The ultimate oral chelator is finally formulated as Chelorex

Chelorex Oral Chelation was recently written up in the "Townsend Letter." A print alternative medicine magazine. It is written by researchers, health practitioners and patients.

Excerpt's from this report:

"Because heavy metals are responsible for so many diseases symptoms, their toxicology has attracted considerable notice from consumers as well as the scientific community. Metallic poisonings of all varieties and their infusion into the planetary ecosystem have increased manifold in the 21st century with its technologic explosion. Metallic contaminations appear destined to worsen even more into the next century. Unquestionably, they are hazardous to human existence."

"I was not yet aware that the World Health Organization had stated in a 1974 Report on Toxic Metals that 82% of chronic degenerative disease was caused by toxic metals."

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