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Atten: Dr Greenberg
Pain Free Indeed 1/27/04

I have suffered with very severe arthritis for the past ten years or so. In my twenties I had extensive dental work completed. At that time, I was completely uninformed that by acquiescence to these dental procedures I was allowing the insertion of toxic heavy metals into my body, that over a period of the next thirty years would progressively destroy my health. I had over 20 mercury fillings which were eventually replaced by 9 root canals and caps. I am now in my mid 50's and after much study am convinced that the main source of my debilitating muscle and joint pain has been directly caused by heavy metal toxicity. I have been taking Chelorex™ consistently everyday for the past six weeks. Into my second week on the recommended protocol of 1 tablet of Chelorex™ for each 10 pounds of body weight, I began to experience a very dramatic lessening of pain, especially in my morning hand stiffness. After 6 weeks on this very effective detoxification product, I am 80% pain free. In the past I have tried other oral chelation supplements but was unable to continue due to major side effects. Amazingly, even on high dosages of Chelorex™, I experienced no side effects. I plan to continue taking a lower dose of Chelorex™ on a daily basis to clear my system from environmental toxins on a preventative basis.

My husband and I own a nutrition business and over the years we have evaluated hundreds of nutritional products, many of which prove ineffective. We consider Metal Flush to be one of the most critical supplements on the nutritional market for those who are carrying a low or high toxic burden. It is very important to have a hair analysis done before and after taking Metal Flush to monitor the measurable change that will inevitably occur. From the results of your second hair analysis you will be able to see the burden of heavy metals decrease significantly in a relatively short period of time. Detoxification of heavy metals can literally save your life and help prevent future debilitation. Our health is a great gift from God that needs to be nurtured and protected. If we live a healthy lifestyle ourselves, then we can become vehicles to help others to find preventative solutions. In this way everyone can enjoy the pristine, good health that God has intended.
Joan B.

Dear Dr. Greenberg, 1/28/04
At your suggestion I started taking Chelorex™ on October 27th, 2003. This was shortly after receiving the results of the hair test that indicated there were excessive amounts of toxic metals in my body. Then in December, also at your recommendation, I had 7 amalgam fillings replaced followed by 2 crowns in early January. The dental work was performed by Dr. Mark McClure who completed all 7 fillings all in one visit, and did a masterful job. Once all the mercury was gone I started to experience improvements with my digestion. Gone was the bloating , the gas, and all the other teletale symptoms that accompany indigestion. And, for the first time in almost 30 years, I was able to consume dairy products WITHOUT lactaid tablets and with NO ill effects. Then came the supreme test. I decided to try cottage cheese which I had to completely eliminate from my diet almost 2 years ago because of the cramping, bloating etc. No amount of lactaid tablets would help. I am now happy to report that I AM ABLE TO CONSUME IT FOR BREAKFAST ON AN EMPTY STOMACH WITHOUT LACTAID AND WITH NO ILL EFFECTS, ESPECIALLY NO BLOATING NOR CRAMPING. I have you to thank for this breakthrough, Dr. Greenberg. And, thanks to your efforts, I'll never have to take another digestive drug . In the short span of 3 months you have eliminated a problem which others have not been able to do in almost 30 year. How can I ever thank you?
Sincerely yours, Terry H.

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 12:05 PM,To: timw@jetblast.net
Subject: RE: Chelorex™ Product
I met Dr. Greenberg at a Conference near Baltimore on November 8th and purchased the Chelorex™ package, including the Chelorex™ (3 bottles) and two hair analysis. I am very happy with the results. My hair analysis only showed one toxic metal in the Yellow zone (Aluminum at about 50 percentile). I took the Chelorex™ anyway (one complete bottle until finished). Long before the bottle was finished my memory improved and my energy levels greatly improved. I used to get a nervous condition that often prevented me from sleeping at night. This condition disappeared and I now generally get a good night's sleep. Note that these improvements occurred despite the fact that all my toxic metals were in the green zone except for aluminum. So it appears that even a small amount of some of those toxic metals are harmful; at least in my case. This is the most dramatic alternative medicine product I have ever used.
Thanks for your excellent product.---Maurice D.--?
Please send a complete package describing your product, prices, order forms, and hair sample envelopes to my following friends and relatives: Listed below are 6 relatives…..

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