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Oral Chelator Formula DGB1D EFFICACY STUDY RESULTS UPDATED For Release: 1/20/2004


Executive Summary:
Cellphysics.org. Baltimore MD, has released its first significant results of an ongoing long term efficacy study of Chelorex™, an all natural oral toxic metal chelating agent. Volunteers were studied by hair analysis before taking 90 doses of Chelorex™ per the product label's dosage instructions and 30 days after the last dose. The hair's analysis results showed a calculated average decrease in 12 toxic metals of 60% after 90 doses in 16 volunteers.

A New Approach to Chelation For Chronic Metal Poisoning
CHELOREX™ is an all natural, non-prescription, oral chelation product for toxic metals, based on scientific literature and knowledge of established mechanisms by which the body is known to detoxify and excrete heavy metals, as well as Dr Greenberg's extensive clinical experience. Heavy metal toxicity occurs as a result of the binding of toxic metals to essential enzymes containing negatively charged molecular sites, (particularly sulfhydryl groups) as well as to negatively charged co-factors and metabolic intermediates. An especially important mechanism of metal toxicity is the damaging of mitochondrial function including the uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation with impairment of energy production and the concomitant release of large amounts of toxic free radicals. Use of current chelating agents is limited by high cost, difficulty of use, inefficient removal of CNS toxic metal deposits and significant side effects.

The purpose of this ongoing study is to determine the efficacy of Chelorex™ as a broad spectrum chelating agent by measuring the average reduction of toxic metal body burden during a course of Chelorex™. Volunteers whose hair analysis revealed at least 1 toxic metal over the normal reference range, were administered 90 doses of Chelorex™ per label's dosage instructions (1 caplet per 20 lbs body weight). A repeat hair analysis was performed 30 days after the last dose. The reduction rates published were calculated by comparison of baseline vs. post chelation hair analysis results. Only changes of toxic metal levels outside the normal range were calculated since changes in the levels of metals within the normal range were of small magnitude and of doubtful significance. All hair analyses were performed by a government certified independent lab, Doctors Data Inc. of Chicago Ill . Now significant adverse reactions or side effects were reported.

toxic metal loss

Summary Results: As of 1/1/04 12 enrolled subjects in the group had achieved very significant 60.1% average reduction of elevated levels of 12 toxic metals after consuming 90 doses of Chelorex™ oral chelation
formula DGB1D. Individual toxic metal reduction rates are listed on the chart below. Individual subject charts along with a sampling of patient reported health observations are also published later in this pamphlet.

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