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Popular Prescription Chelators:

EDTA - approved by the FDA for lead removal, DMSA -mercury and lead, DMPS- used for mercury and lead but does not have FDA approval
* DMSA and DMPS are not recommended in persons with amalgam fillings.
**EDTA forms neurotoxic complex with mercury - not recommended in persons with amalgams or history of mercury exposure.

Cilantro (aerial parts) (from10:1 extract) Mobilizes toxic metals from the centralnervous system and other tissues
Chlorella algae Traps toxic metals in the GI tract. Acts asan ion exchange resin
MSM(methyl sulfonyl methane) Enhances permeability of cellmembranes and reduces inflammation
Taurine Enhances biliary excretion, protectsCNS, retina and white blood cells, actsas antioxidant and inhibits cytoki nerelease
Alpha Lipoic Acid Binds intracellular toxic metals,quenches free radicals and raisesglutathione levels
NAC (N -Acetylcystei ne) Binds toxic metals, raises glutathi onelevels and acts as antioxidant
Glutami ne Restores and preserves gastro-i ntesti nalfunction, enhances hair excretion,glutathione precursor
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid Promotes excretion of toxic metals,essential antioxidant, supports thyroidfunction
Vitamin E(as d-al pha-tocopherylsuccinate) Antioxidant, supportsthyroid function
Zinc (as zinc citrate) Stimulates metal lothioni ne, reducestoxicity of metals
Magnesium (asmagnesiumaspartate) Aids in chelation, replaces lost orchelated magnesium, protects againstfree radical damage
Selenium (as sodiumselenite) Enhances chemical detoxification,reduces toxicity of metals, necessary forconversion of T4 to T3 for normalthyroid function

Non Prescription Chelators: The Case For Safe and Effective Chelator
Multiple clinical studies have shown individual non-FDA regulated food and herbal supplement ingredients have been found to be extremely effective in removing multiple toxic metals. Below is a list of the individual ingredients in the current Chelorex™

(DGB1D) formula, along with a brief functional summary.

A few chelation agents such as Science Formulas Inc.'s "Chelorex™" offer various combinations of the above and other supportive ingredients in a single formula. Clinical study data demonstrating the formula's effectiveness should be obtained prior to purchase. Reduction of body burden as revealed by hair analysis before and after chelation is the best evidence of efficacy.

Studies demonstrating increased levels of toxic metals being excreted in urine, or stools provides only an
imprecise indication of excretion, but does not provide information regarding remaining toxic metal burden.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.