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Background of Research & Development of the Chelorex™ Formula Ingredients.
By: Alan Greenberg M.D.

The World Health Organization "WHO", in their 1974 Report on Toxic Metals states that 82 % of chronic degenerative disease is caused by toxic metal poisoning. This is further substantiated by over 5,000 pages of US government funded toxicological reports found at the *ATSDR website. Everyone in modern western societies is exposed to toxic metals - lead, mercury arsenic antimony, nickel, cadmium, etc.
Performing hair analysis on almost every patient in my medical practice revealed to me that virtually everyone who works with their hands eventually develops toxic metal poisoning including mechanics, machinists, welders, plumbers, painters, printers, hair dressers, carpenters, electricians, and metal workers. It also revealed that 80-90% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, chronic neurological disease, heart and kidney disease, psychiatric illness and hypertension had metal poisoning.

Initially I attempted to utilize synthetic chelating agents (DMPS and DMSA) in my patients. To my great chagrin, my patients responded with unpleasant and often severe reactions such as intense headache, nausea, diarrhea, severe fatigue, muscle aching, etc. They were often upset and frequently angry that I would subject them to such an ordeal. The most severe reactions seemed to occur in those patients who had multiple chemical sensitivities, and these were not rare. I soon realized that patients with chronic metal poisoning had impairment of the glutathione dependent detoxification mechanisms and therefore could not tolerate any type of synthetic chemical or drug. I subsequently searched for ways of removing toxic metals using natural substances and over a period of years discovered a variety of useful agents.

During this period I also developed a variety of health problems including chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, arthritis, shortness of breath, excessive weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, allergy to perfumes and other chemicals, lactose intolerance, atrial fibrillation, chronic fungal infections and recurrent viral infections. Over time, numerous doctors advised me that there was no cure; I had to live with these ailments. I had a hair analysis performed on myself, which revealed mercury, lead and aluminum. I then consulted a mercury free dentist who found an elevated oral mercury vapor level. I then had my amalgam fillings replaced and began to improve. However, progress was slow, so I realized I would need to perform a chelation on myself. Experimenting with a variety of natural chelating agents, vitamins and minerals and reading various articles and books, I eventually restored my health. My irritable bowel, lactose intolerance, arthritis, chemical sensitivities, atrial fibrillation, chronic fatigue and thyroid problems faded away. My concentration, balance and coordination improved. My ability to express my thoughts improved markedly and I was easily able to lose 70 pounds and return to my normal weight. As a result of my personal experiences, I was determined to develop a safe, low cost, effective way of helping people by removing toxic metals from the body.

Chelation is a process by which toxic substances in the body, particularly metals, can be converted to less toxic forms which can then be excreted safely. A recent review article on chelation therapy stresses the need for new chelation agents that can be more safely and easily administered over extended time periods at a reasonable cost. The earliest types of chelation involved synthetic agents such as BAL, penicillamine and EDTA administered intravenously for acute toxic metal poisoning. Subsequently, DMSA and DMPS were utilized, first intravenously and later orally.
However, numerous negative side effects are associated with each of these prescription chelators including allergic reactions involving the skin and mucous membranes (itching, exanthema or rash), as well as occasional cases of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or erythema exudative multiforme.(11). Other side effects include nausea, headache, muscle aching, changes in taste, severe malaise, dizziness, numbness, insomnia, diarrhea, weight loss, extreme fatigue, leg cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, liver and kidney damage, abdominal pain, anxiety, severe restlessness, mental changes, tremors, inability to concentrate, poor memory, impaired equilibrium, chemical sensitivities and tinnitus. (12). Studies have shown up to 30% of patients have severe negative side effects as a result of these synthetic chelating agents, which may develop after a single dose.
Challenge with DMPS, DMSA or EDTA is often used as a diagnostic test for metal poisoning. However, this procedure has a questionable theoretical basis. Because synthetic chelators markedly enhance urinary excretion of toxic metals, they may cause serious kidney damage, particularly in older persons or persons with

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