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Do you have metal toxity?

Answer these questions to see if Toxic Heavy Metals may be a problem for you or a loved one.

1. Are you more fatigued than you should be or lack energy to do the things you need to do.

2. Do you sleep poorly or do you have frequent insomnia?

3. Do you get depressed easily, have frequent mood swings, or have you taken antidepressants in the past?

4. Have you had frequent headaches or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)?

5. Have you had bleeding or sore gums (gingivitis) frequently?

6. Have you had mental symptoms such as confusion or forgetfulness?

7. Have you had shakiness or tremors of your hands and arms or twitching of other muscles?

8. Do you suffer from hay fever, respiratory allergies or food allergies or intolerance?

9. Have you been diagnosed as having TMJ (temoral mandibular joint) problems?

10. Do you have numbness or burning sensations in your mouth or gums?

11. Do you have you frequent colds, flu, or other infections?

12. Have you had difficulty with your balance. Do you fall frequently or have difficulty standing on one foot?

13. Have you ever worked as a printer. plumber, welder, miner, mechanic, metal worker, machinist, carpenter, electrician, hair dresser, painter or in heating/airconditioning, manufacturing/chemical or pesticide/fungicide
factories (fungicides with methyl mercury ingredients) or in pulp/paper mills that used mercury?

14. Do you have 6 or more "silver" fillings?

15. Do you often have a "metallic" taste in your mouth?

16. Have you worked as a dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant?

17. Do you have numbness or unexplained tingling in your arms or legs?

18. When seen by doctors for your health problems, are you usually told "There is nothing wrong"?

19. Do your skin have many "brown spots" or "age spots" under your eyes or elsewhere?

20. Do you have "irritable bowel syndrome" or problems with constipation or diarrhea?

21. Do you have a lot of bad breath or white tongue (thrush)?

22. Do you get yeast infections of the mouth, vagina or intestinal tract or had Candida-Related Complex (CRC)?

23. Have you had frequent kidney infections or do you have significant kidney problems?

24. Do you have difficulty with concentration (ADD), irritability or sudden changes in behavior?

25. Do you have unidentified chest pains even after EKG's, X-ray, and heart studies are normal?

26. Do you often have a lot of mucus in your stools?

27. Do you have arthritis in various joints or been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia?

28. Have you frequently had low basal body (axillary) temperature (below 97.8 degrees F.)?

29. Do you have heart irregularities or rapid pulse (tachycardia) or high blood pressure?

.....You may have high risk of toxic metal poisoning if 5 or more of these question are applicable to you.

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